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Dr KK Aggarwal

National President, IMA HQ

Dr RN Tandon

Hon. Secretary General, IMA HQ

Dr VK Monga

Finance Secretary, IMA HQ

Dr KM Abul Hasan

National Co.ordinator, Young Doctors Wing IMA HQ

Every year there is an output of 40,000 fresh graduates joining the already existing team of 250,000 practicing doctors. More than in any other profession, there is a need for continuing education in our profession, which is advancing with newer discoveries and innovative inventions every day.

In this era, the more experienced Doctors could impart their experience to the young Doctors for our own good and that of our patients. And all us have a need to continue our education and stay up to date with all the advances.

All India Convention of Young Doctors was organized with the objective of connecting Graduating Doctors to IMA so as to enable them to benefit from various schemes for Doctors. For instance, the event provided exposure to the graduating Doctors to the opportunities in Medical Entrepreneurship, guided them in establishing SME Hospitals; there were sessions on Career Guidance including a special focus on Family Medicine so as to make it a career of choice & sessions on communication skills. Participating Students and Interns learnt about the opportunities to continue their education while practicing.

This could be a significant event in the lives of Graduating Students as an important milestone in the crucial phase of transition from being Students to becoming Medical Doctors. There was a Free Paper Presentation Competition for the students on the topic Promote Family Medicine & Safeguard Medical Profession which was thought provoking presentation by the young doctors. A Scintillating Quiz competition covering all the fields of medicine was also held.

There was overwhelming response from the CRRI’s, Final year medical students. 180 medical colleges across the nation, participation with 450 delegates and the convention was a big success. Kerala state sent biggest delegates of 80 medical students. Bringing youth to fold is a great achievement but realised. The number, venue, faculties chosen, topic are excellent & unmatchable. The participants termed the event as an unique, unforgettable one & wanted IMA to plan such programmes at regular intervals.

We organized the All India Convention of Young Doctors in Chennai where some initiatives were taken to collaborate with Young Doctors. To achieve the goal of bringing all the young doctors of our country under one roof ie., IMA, IMA Head Quarters New Delhi, Started this new initiative IMA Young Doctors Wing.

1) Establishing and Maintaining a Database of Young Doctors

In India every year about 40,000 Young Doctors are graduated and they start their profession afresh. So to keep track of all of them, it is high time that we need to enhance the database of young doctors that we already possess. We could safeguard the interests of the young doctors by various methods. The contact details of the doctors graduated during the last five years can be obtained from the state medical councils.

2) Appointing State Level Representative For Young Doctors

The representative for young doctors shall represent the problems and difficulties faced by the young doctors and try to redress their grievances. They shall put forth the innovative ideas and changes required on behalf of them and shall try to organize all of them under a roof thereby conveying the recent medical inventions to all of them.

3) Conducting Programmes

Various programs and competitions can be conducted for young doctors online such as essay writing and motivate them to present various case studies thereby they get real world training and acquire competitive skills. Quiz programs can be conducted to make them stay updated with the recent medical knowhow.

4) Providing Career Guidance

Young doctors need right career guidance to compete in this competitive world and to enhance their skills, attractive programs with special focus on career guidance shall be conducted at periodic intervals by the Young Doctors convention. Training shall be provided in Leadership Communications for Physicians and Media Training, Negotiation Skills For Complex Situations, Social Media and Physicians and these training programs shall be a long walk to quality and patient safety.

5) Grievance Redressing Wing

A separate wing shall be formed that will work with dedication to resolve the issues that young doctors face today. It shall work for their well being like ensuring good working environment for them. The most pertinent of the issues is the workforce issues relating to the medical training pathway. The wing shall also help them to find job and to help them enter into specialty training programmes.

6) PG Entrance Exam Coaching Mobile Apps:

Young Doctor Wing has decided to launch this unique and very useful tech savvy apps to enhance the skills of the young doctors who desire to do post-graduation.